Some Things I Have Written

Russell Marcus, Updated March 2009

Papers in Progress

Published Work

Other Things I've Written, Including Slides from Various Presentations

My dissertation, Numbers without Science



Here are some papers in progress:

Intrinsic Explanation and Field's Dispensabilist Strategy

Explanation and Indispensability (full version)

Explanation and Indispensability (excerpt)

A Jigsaw Lesson for First-Order Logic Translations with Identity

The Eleatic and the Indispensabilist

Three Grades of Instrumentalism

Structuralism and the Indispensability Argument

E Pluribus Putnams Unum: Hilary Putnam and the Indispensability Argument

Formal Theories and the Indispensability Argument

Why the Indispensability Argument Does Not Generate Abstract Objects

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Here are papers that are either published or forthcoming:

Indispensability Arguments in the Philosophy of Mathematics (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Teaching the Objections and Replies (APA Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy, Spring 2010)

Some Observations on Cooperative Groupings (APA Newsletter on Teaching Philosophy, Spring 2010)

Selections for Key Terms in Logic

Structuralism, Indispensability, and the Access Argument (Facta Philosophica, 2007)

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Here are a few other things, including some presentation slides

On Jokes Slides

Geometry and Philosophy Slides

Berkeley's Particularism and the Explanation of Taste Differences: How Can Pigs Eat S***?

Video of Me Giving a Job Talk (Slow to Load)

A Dialogue on Naturalized Platonism


Reappointment Materials

Personal Statement


Teaching Materials

Research Materials

Supplementary Materials

Modern Philosophy Course Materials

What Follows: A Logic and Philosophy Text

Themes in the Objections and Replies

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