Russell Marcus
Curriculum Vitae (click for pdf version)

Department of Philosophy, Hamilton College
198 College Hill Road
Clinton NY 13323
(315) 859-4056 (office)

Areas of Specialization
Areas of Teaching Competence


Full-Time Academic Appointments (see below for other teaching experience):







Presentations and Comments


Public Philosophy


Work in Progress

Papers: Philosophical Pedagogy

  • “Pandemic Pedagogy: The Philosophy Lab”
  • “Asking Better Questions in Class”
  • “TBL as Play”
  • “Individual and Collaborative Activities in Logic”
  • “A Jigsaw Lesson for First-Order Logic Translations Using Identity”

    Papers: Philosophy of Mathematics

  • “Mathematical Explanations of Physical Phenomena, Indispensability, and Autonomy Platonism,” with Manuel Barrantes
  • “Thin Mathematical Intuition and Mathematical Epistemology”
  • “On the Origins and Force of the Explanatory Indispensability Argument”
  • “E Pluribus Putnams Unum: Hilary Putnam and the Indispensability Argument”

    Papers: Other

  • “Embracing the Cartesian Circle”
  • “Virtuous Circles, Vicious Circles, and Philosophical Methods”


  • Three Concepts of Philosophy Teaching, with Alexandra Bradner (Kenyon College), Jane Drexler (Salt Lake City Community College), and Andrew Mills (Otterbein University)
  • A Team-Based Introduction to Philosophy, with Kimberly Van Orman
  • Themes in the Objections and Replies: Objections and Replies to Descartes’s Meditations Organized Topically with New Introductory Material

    Honors and Awards


    Professional Service, Hamilton College


    Other Professional Activity


    Courses Taught in Philosophy


    Theses Supervised or Examined (Undergraduate, Hamilton College)


    Teaching Experience in Philosophy

    Hamilton College
  • Fall 2007 to Present
  • Courses Taught: Introduction to Philosophy; First-Year Course: Philosophy of Education; First-Year Course: Infinity; Logic; Modern Philosophy; Contemporary Philosophy; Philosophy of Language; Senior Seminar: Intuitions and Philosophy; Senior Seminar: Wittgenstein; Senior Seminar: Philosophy of Mathematics; Philosophy 550—Independent Research Seminar
  • Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University
  • Spring 2007
  • Adjunct Instructor
  • Course Taught: Theories of the Mind
  • Queens College, CUNY
  • Spring 1998 to Spring 2007
  • Graduate Teaching Fellow, Adjunct Lecturer
  • Courses Taught: Advanced Logic, Logic, Business Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics
  • Hofstra University
  • Spring 1998 to Summer 1999
  • Adjunct Instructor
  • Courses Taught: Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Practical Logic
  • College of Staten Island, CUNY
  • Spring 1995 to Spring 1997
  • Graduate Teaching Fellow
  • Courses Taught: Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics

    Other Teaching Experience

    SPISE: Select Program in Science and Engineering, City College, CUNY
  • October 1992 to Spring 1999
  • Math enrichment program for city high school students
  • Topics taught include: Boolean Algebra, Königsberg Bridge and Graph Theory, Statistics, Numeric Integration
  • Queensborough Community College, Mathematics Department
  • Fall 1994 to Spring 1995
  • Courses taught include Number Systems, Elementary Algebra
  • Cardozo High School, Mathematics Department
  • September 1992 to June 1993
  • Courses taught include AP Computer Science, Sequential Math I, Sequential Math II, Computer Math
  • Costa Rica Academy, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • August 1989 to June 1992
  • Courses taught include Statistics, Introduction to Mathematics, AP Language, American Literature, Journalism, World History
  • Newtown High School, Mathematics Department
  • Spring 1989
  • Courses taught include Sequential Math I, Computer Math
  • Jamaica High School, Mathematics Department
  • Fall 1988
  • Courses taught include Sequential Math I, Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Advised math magazine

    Graduate Courses Taken (at CUNY, except where noted)

    October 19, 2021