2022-23 Undergraduate/Graduate/Otherwise-Potentially-Appropriate-for-Undergraduate Conferences and Journals

Organized by Russell Marcus, Hamilton College. Additions or corrections are welcome: Email me. Some notes. Past Years. Current Year.

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See also: Summer Programs in Philosophy for Undergraduates and Other resources for students.

Mike Ashfield at USC maintains this impressive list of events and such in Canada.

Conference Location/Organization Submission Date Conference Date Keynote(s)
The Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum (Mississippi): The Ethics of Engagement   October 6-8, 2022 Jason Baehr (Loyola Marymount); Brian Berkey (Penn)
Lighthearted Philosophers' Society Annual Conference   October 7-8, 2022  
SIUE Undergraduate Philosophy Conference August 15, 2022 October 21-22, 2022 Barrett Emerick (St. Mary's College of Maryland)
Illinois Philosophical Association July 18, 2022 November 4-5, 2022  
Indiana Philosophical Association Fall Meeting August 28, 2022 November 11-12, 2022  
Bilkent University Undergraduate Conference (Turkey) October 21, 2022 November 19, 2022  
Florida Philosophical Association October 30th, 2022    
WKU Undergraduate Philosophy Conference (Western Kentucky) November 14, 2022 February 4, 2023 Meg Wallace (Kentucky)
APA/AAPT Teaching Hubs at Eastern, Central and Pacific APAs November 15, 2022 Eastern (Montreal): January 4–7; Central (Denver): February 22–25; Pacific (San Francisco): April 5–8  
Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) October 3, 2022 March 2-5, 2023: Portland; March 31, 2023: Virtual  
Great Lakes Philosophy Conference: Ethics and Race January 1, 2023 April 14-16, 2023  
Eastern Michigan (cfp here) January 6, 2023 March 18-19, 2023 Brynn Welch (Alabama Birmingham)
Puget Sound Undergraduate Philosophy Conference January 10, 2023 March 31-April 1, 2023 Eric Schwitzgebel (UC Riverside)
Lycoming Undergraduate Humanities Research Conference; cfp here January 31, 2023 April 1, 2023  
Midsouth (Rhodes) February 7, 2023 Spring 2023  
SUNY Oneonta National Undergraduate Philosophy Conference February 10, 2023 April 21-22, 2023  
NYU Philosophy Forum (submit here) March 22, 2023 April 22-23, 2023  
Pacific University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference   Spring 2023  
Ethics of War and Peace Conference (West Point)   Fall 2023  
Undergraduate Conference of The Mudd Journal of Ethics (Washington and Lee)      
Mid-Hudson Undergraduate Philosophy Conference (Marist)      
North Carolina Philosophical Society      

South Carolina Society for Philosophy

Prometheus Mid-Atlantic Undergrad Philosophy Conference (Hopkins)      
National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium (Hopkins)      
Houston Community College Philosophy and Humanities Conference      
Ohio Philosophical Association      


Journals etc. Deadline (if applicable) and Other Info
A Priori (Brown)  
Acta Cogitata (Eastern Michigan)  
Amherst College Undergraduate Law Review  
Anamnesis (Colorado College) February 5, 2023
Aperto Animo (UNC)  
Aporia (BYU) Fall issue: usually October
Spring issue: late January or early February
Aporia (St. Andrews) December 31, 2022
Arete (Rutgers)  
Compos Mentis (Michigan-Flint)  
Dialectic (York)  
Epistemai (Minnesota) (submit here) February 1, 2023
Episteme (Denison)  
Ephemeris (Union)  
Gnosis (Concordia)  
Logos (Cornell) (Spring 2023 call here) Cash prizes
Meteorite (Michigan) (cfp here) January 1, 2023
Prometheus (Hopkins) January 5, 2023 January 22, 2023
The Reed Undergraduate Journal of Existentialism (St. Olaf)  
Sapere Aude (Wooster) February 10, 2023
Tabula Rasa (Pomona) April 16, 2023
Tri-College Law Review (Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore) March 3, 2023
Troy Moore Undergraduate Ethics Essay Contest (Georgia State)  
Stance (Ball State)
October 14, 2022, for Reviewers
Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies (Carleton) January 6, 2023
Vassar College Journal of Philosophy  


I'll keep these lists as current as I can, in order of submission deadlines.
For conferences, entries without submission dates are usually for organizations with past conferences or journals which reliably repeat.
For journals, entries without submission dates often have rolling deadlines
I gather some of these from philevents.

Past years: 2021-22; 2020-21; 2019-20; 2018-19; 2017-18; 2016-17; 2015-16; 2014-15; 2013-14; 2012-13; 2011-12


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