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Summer Institutes for Undergraduates in Philosophy.

Michigan COMPASS Workshop, for students of underrepresented groups considering graduate school in philosophy

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APA Grad Guide

The Philosophical Gourmet (Leiter) and some dissent

Sage advice from Chicago

From Eric Schwitzgebel at the Splintered Mind

Advice for Undergraduates from the Cocoon

Philosorapt[E]rs: Preparing Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Doc Philosophy Students for the Job Market

Aidan McGlynn's Advice to Wannabe Philosophers

Lots of good links for students from Gualtiero Piccinini

On Being a Woman in Philosophy (also see the excellent blog Feminist Philosophers)

Daily Nous Value of Philosophy Pages

GRE scores by major (philosophers do well!)

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Brian Keeley on Getting a Job in Philosophy

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Jim Pryor's guide to writing philosophy papers

Philosophy paper-writing strategies, from Williams College

Debate Wise

The Science of Scientific Writing

A list of journals and conferences appropriate for undergraduates

From, "What Philosophy Majors Do After College"

Indiana Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science