1112.2: Walking Home - Solution


In our last puzzle, you were asked to determine how long Brittany walked from her volunteer job, on a day she was dismissed an hour early, until her roommate picked her up. Normally, Brittany’s roommate picks her up at 5pm. They arrived on campus exactly ten minutes earlier than usual.


The Solution


Since Brittany’s roommate did not know about her early dismissal, she left at the usual time. Since they arrived ten minutes earlier than normal, we can divide the time-savings in half: she shaved five minutes off her driving time in each direction. Since she normally met Brittany at 5, she must have met her at 4:55. Thus, Brittany walked for 55 minutes.




The winner of the logic puzzle contest, chosen by lot from among acceptable solutions by eligible candidates, is Chris Whiting '14.


Correct solutions were also submitted by Adam Fix '13, Jordan Graziadei '15, Adam Gwilliam '15, Evan Kaplan '12, Ben Moody '15, Caitlin O'Connor '14, Justin Smith '14, and Ian Thresher '12.


Thanks to all who submitted a response!