1112.1: The Faculty Hit the Gym


Cold weather makes some of us want to huddle inside under a blanket sipping hot cocoa. Others hit the gym. Here are the workout times from last week for some of our most enthusiastic scholar-athletes. Prof. Oerlemans worked out for 49 minutes on Monday, 48 minutes on Tuesday, 46 minutes on Wendesday, and 47 minutes on Thursday. Prof. Casey worked out for 45 minutes on Monday, 44 minutes on Tuesday, 42 minutes on Wednesday, and 43 minutes on Thursday. Prof. Buchman worked out for 53 minutes on Monday, 52 minutes on Tuesday, 50 minutes on Wednesday, and 51 minutes on Thursday. And Prof. Shuster worked out for 59 minutes on Monday, 58 minutes on Tuesday, 56 minutes on Wednesday, and 57 minutes on Thursday.


These workout times have an interesting Hamilton property. The winner of the puzzle will figure out the property and thus be properly impressed with our faculty’s coordination.




Solutions to Puzzle #1112.1: The Faculty Hit the Gym may be sent to puzzle@hamilton.edu, or, via campus mail, to Russell Marcus, Philosophy Department. Make sure to include your contact information, including class year, with your solution. A winner will be chosen among those who submit satisfactory solutions. Any one may play the puzzle, but only current Hamilton College students may win prizes.



Prize winners receive a t-shirt or mug from Lulasail, home of the best philosophy t-shirts on the web.

The Deadline for Puzzle #1112.1: The Faculty Hit the Gym is Monday, January 30, at 4pm.