1011.5: Seminar Seating



Six philosophy students are waiting around a small table for their seminar to begin.




Arthur, Cora, and Elizabeth are majors. Bas, David, and Frances are minors. Arthur and Bas are sitting to the immediate left of a major. Cora and David are sitting to the immediate right of a minor. Elizabeth and Frances sit directly across from a minor. The person presenting his seminar paper is on the immediate left of a major, and directly across from a minor.





1. Who is presenting?


2. Can you draw two distinct seating charts that satisfy all the constraints? (Two charts are distinct if they are not congruent under any transformation of the plane. In other words, two charts are different if the order of persons going around the table is different.)




Solutions to Puzzle #101.5: Seminar Seating, including two distinct seating arrangements consistent with the given information, may be sent to puzzle@hamilton.edu, or, via campus mail, to Russell Marcus, Philosophy Department. Make sure to include your contact information with your solution. A winner will be chosen among those who submit satisfactory solutions. Any one may play the puzzle, but only current Hamilton College students may win prizes.



Prize winners receive a t-shirt or mug from Lulasail, home of the best philosophy t-shirts on the web.

The Deadline for Puzzle #1011.5: Seminar Seating is Monday, February 28, at 4pm.