1011.3: Tough Grader


A: Is that your grade on the top of that paper?

B: Yeah.

A: Is that out of 100?

B: Uh-huh. My professor gives us some really tough quizzes. That’s the fourth one.

A: What are your other grades?

B: Put it this way: the product of my first three quizzes is 2450, while their sum is twice the grade you just saw, which was the fourth quiz.

A: Hmm...That doesn’t quite answer the question.

B: You’re right. I forgot to mention that the product of my two lowest grades is less than my highest grade.

A: Ah, that clears it up.


What were B’s four grades?



Solutions, with explanations, to Puzzle #1011.3: Tough Grader may be sent to puzzle@hamilton.edu, or, via campus mail, to Russell Marcus, Philosophy Department. Make sure to include your contact information with your solution. A winner will be chosen among those who submit satisfactory solutions. Any one may play the puzzle, but only current Hamilton College students may win prizes.



Prize winners receive a t-shirt or mug from Lulasail, home of the best philosophy t-shirts on the web.

The Deadline for Puzzle #1011.3 is Monday, December 6, at 4pm.