1011.2: Fallcoming Transportation


Three Hamilton College students are hosting three alumni during Fallcoming. The students and alumni must go from the Chapel, where they are listenting to a lecture, to the Sadove Student Center, where they will attend a reception. Since the distance is too far for the alumni to walk, they will use a golf cart to transport all six of them. Unfortunately, they have only a single golf cart, which seats only two people (including the driver.) All students can drive the cart, but only one of the alumni can drive it. The alumni like to talk to the students, but they do not like to share. So, if there are both students and alumni (of our group of six) at either the Chapel or the Sadove Student Center, there must be at least as many students as alumni. That is, at all times, there must be at least as many students as alumni at both the Chapel and the Sadove Student Center, whenever there is at least one of each.


Note: When the cart is picking up or dropping off passengers, it counts as being at the Chapel or at the Student Center!



How can the students transport themselves and the alumni to the reception?



Solutions, with explanations, to Puzzle #1011.2: Fallcoming Transportation may be sent to puzzle@hamilton.edu, or, via campus mail, to Russell Marcus, Philosophy Department. Make sure to include your contact information with your solution. A winner will be chosen among those who submit satisfactory solutions. Any one may play the puzzle, but only current Hamilton College students may win prizes.



Prize winners receive a t-shirt or mug from Lulasail, home of the best philosophy t-shirts on the web.

The Deadline for Puzzle #1011.2 is Monday, October 4, at 4pm.