0910.3: Study Abroad

    Once upon a time, Hamilton College’s first study abroad program was in Quebec City, 460 miles away from Clinton.  To get to Quebec, students had to travel from Clinton on dog sleds, bringing enough food for the dogs.  In addition to the students, the sleds could only hold enough dog food to travel 300 miles at a time.  In those years, while there was plenty of food in Clinton and in Quebec, there was no place along the route to get more food.  But students could store as much dog food as they liked in safe caches anywhere along the route, and go back for more, provided they had enough food for the dogs all along the way.



How could students embarking on their study-abroad trip minimize the total distance traveled, counting all the trips back and forth?



Solutions to Puzzle #3: Study Abroad must include a complete description of their travel plan, including the location of all caches identified by their distances along the route from Clinton.  They may be sent to puzzle@hamilton.edu, or, via campus mail, to Russell Marcus, Philosophy Department. Make sure to include your contact information with your solution.  A winner will be chosen at random among those who submit correct solutions.  Any one may play the puzzle, but only current Hamilton College students may win prizes.  If the winner of the puzzle is not a Hamilton College student, a secondary winner may be chosen.



Prize winners receive a t-shirt or mug from Lulasail, home of the best philosophy t-shirts on the web.

The Deadline for Puzzle #3 is Monday, November 16 at 4pm. All entries must be received by that time.